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MyBetNg is created with a simplicity mind and heart for you to be able to contribute an share their unique content such as Soccer news, Transfer news, Prediction and Betting Tips.

MyBetNg Welcome's a good unique content writer in your best field either it's a Soccer news, Transfer news, Prediction and Betting Tips.

How to Contribute
1. Create an account on our platform
2. Filled in the required detail's in your account setting
3. Create a topic according to your best field such as Soccer news, Transfer news, Prediction and Betting Tips.
4. No duplicate news content else your post will be deleted without any notification.
5. If all is good by our team, You are already a contributor.

1. Please no duplicate and copy of content from other websites or other members!
2. No crappy content or prediction, baseless and pointless content or prediction
3. Write according and for your reader's to read, enjoy and understand.
4. No fake contents, such as fake news or fake prediction, Unconfirm soccer news, Unconfirm info or details!

1. Only Unique content, Good Prediction and betting tips.
2. When posting about prediction or sure bet - CHECK DEMO of how it should look Insight and details.
We provide bonus to our Eligible contributor's weekly in each category accroding to their winning rate and prediction views, which means Any one can be eligible as far, you are winning. We act according to the final results on our Weekly Bonus Lit page every Saturday Night Or Accordingly To MyBetNg Schedule. (All eligible contributor's weekly data's are manually reviewed by our team for any inappropriate action, so that we can flag his or her account.)

This week eligible contributor's: WEEKLY BONUS LISTS - CLICK HERE
  • done_all How to become Eligible
    Write or post a prediction or betting tips, Share your content daily with the "share icons" to your friends on social views, Gain more view, make sure to win your prediction or betting tips to become eligible for weekly contributor bonus.
  • peopleContributor's Bonus
    Check the Eligible member's tab, if you are qualified to receive our weekly bonus.
  • monetization_onAmount & Payments
    Bonus Price Varies: Check the Eligible member's tab
    Payment methods: Bank, Paypal, Airtime Card
  • moodExtra Bonus Daily
    20 Naira Per Prediction Posted: You get 20 Naira Per Prediction Posted Daily